Patlan Law Adds Consumer Law Practice

Patlan Law has announced that it is adding a Consumer Law practice to its existing Business Litigation and Business Advisory practices.  “Consumers need protection” says lead attorney, Mark Patlan, “California Consumers are saddled with debt and struggle to make ends meet in a painful economy.”

“Struggling consumers are targeted by business predators who engage in unlawful and unfair business practices,” he says, “This includes debt buyers and other third party debt collectors who engage in unlawful collection practices, not to mention other predatory businesses who target struggling consumers that can’t afford legal help.”

They are wrong, says attorney Patlan, “Federal and state laws protect consumers against unfair business practices. These laws often include statutory damages plus attorney’s fees.”

“Consumers have to act quickly to protect their rights,” he says, “When these predators target you, its fight or flight.” Too many people, he says, don’t fight back against abusive and unfair practices.

“Fight back,” Patlan says, “The law may be on your side, but time may not.”  He recommends consulting with an attorney or seeking free legal advice from a pro bono law firm.  “Don’t ignore the problem,” he says.

Patlan Law is building free resources to help educate consumers to protect themselves, avoid scams, and fight back against unfair business practices.  “Knowledge is power,” he says, “We will help empower consumers and fight for their rights.  Somebody has to.”